Dolphin{Cloud} Affiliate Program Rules

  1. 1. Affiliate Program Participants:

    1. a. Any person may participate in the Affiliate Program, as long as they are Dolphin Users.
    2. b. Only a Dolphin User who advertises on Dolphin independently without the assistance of a third party may become a referral link holder. A user becomes a referral link owner after generating a personal referral link in Dolphin in the Personal area. One Dolphin User may only receive one referral link.
    3. c. Each Affiliate Program Participant confirms that he/she is familiar with these rules, unconditionally and unconditionally accepts their terms, and guarantees that he/she will comply with them for the entire duration of the Affiliate Program.

Rights and obligations of the Partner Program Organizer

  1. 1. The Organizer of the Partner Program has the right:

    1. a. At its discretion and without explaining reasons to the Participants and without entering into correspondence with them, invalidate any actions of the Participants of the Partner Program, and also prohibit further participation in the Partner Program to any person about whom the Organizer has a reasonable suspicion that he/she falsifies data or benefits from any falsification of data required for participation in the Partner Program, behaves improperly about other Participants of the Partner Program, the Organizer of the Partner Program
    2. b. The Organizer reserves the right not to conduct written negotiations or any other contacts with the Participants, except for the cases provided by these Rules and in case of disputable situations.
    3. c. At its discretion, unilaterally terminate, modify, or suspend the Affiliate Program if for any reason the Affiliate Program cannot be conducted as planned, including any reason beyond the Organizer's control that distorts or affects performance, safety, fairness, integrity, or proper conduct.
    4. d. Engage third parties to organize the conduct of the Affiliate Program.
  2. 2. The Organizer of the Partner Program is obliged:

    1. a. Credit bonuses to the Participants of the Partner Program who fulfilled all conditions of this Partner Program.
  3. 3. The Organizer of the Partner Program is not liable to the Participants:

    1. a. For non-performance (untimely performance) by the Participants of their obligations provided by the present Rules;
    2. b. Malfunctions of communication operators, which directly serve the Participants, system failures, and other technical problems of the Internet provider.
    3. c. For the accuracy of personal data and information provided by the Participants.
    4. d. For force majeure circumstances.

Affiliate Program Rules

  1. 1. The referral link owner sends the referral link to Internet users who are not previously registered with Dolphin products.
  2. 2. An Internet user not previously registered with Dolphin registers with Dolphin by following the referral link and completing the Dolphin registration form (the "Referral").
  3. 3. For each activated Referral, the Referral Holder will receive 15% of the spent funds of the referred Referral in Dolphin's Personal Area.
  4. 4. Bonuses are awarded for one week.
  5. 5. Bonuses are credited in the "Affiliate Program" section of Dolphin's Personal Area.
  6. 6. The transfer of bonuses from the "Affiliate Program" section of Dolphin's Personal Area to your account is possible after 1 calendar week after contacting the Dolphin support team.
  7. 7. Bonuses received by the Referral Link Holder cannot be transferred to another Dolphin account.

Prohibited methods of using the Affiliate Program:

  • 1. Spamming using affiliate program code.
  • 2. Creation of fraud requests using organizations' contacts without a client's consent.
  • 3. Creating requests on behalf of companies, agencies or a group of partners where the Referral Link Holder is an employee or other kind of participant.
  • 4. Use a list of branded words and domain names as a reference in promotional materials, see below.
  • 5. Use branded queries (product names) as key phrases in contextual advertising campaigns.
  • 6. Use the word "official" and its derivatives in the text of promotional materials (except for the phrase "official partner" and its derivatives).

We review all requests and may suspend payment until your traffic sources are verified and refuse payment in case of violations.

The list of branded words, their derivatives and word combinations with them, the use of which is prohibited in the advertising systems of Yandex.Direct, Google Adwords, Begun and their partners' systems, the list of domain names: dolphin cloud, dolphin, долфин, дельфин автозалив, долфин клауд

Dolphin reserves the right to unilaterally change the terms and conditions of the affiliate program.

Examples of using affiliate links

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