Dolphin Cloud advantages

Entire data in one window
With Dolphin there is no need to log into different Facebook profiles to control budget spending, entire data is available in one window.
Manage and duplicate campaigns
Dolphin offers easy way to stop, start, create copies of advertising campaigns, as well as manage the budget.
Flexible capability to manage team
Convenient system for issuing access rights for team members to different accounts. Access levels: Admin → Teamlead → Mediabuyer → Farmer. Admin can see the all statistics of all team members.
Apply automated rules for accounts
In Dolphin, you can create an auto-rule template and assign it to different Facebook accounts in a couple of clicks. There is no need to recreate the auto rule every time.
Comments moderation
Hide or remove comments that spoil conversion on full automatic.

Old method

Different browsers for each account

New method

With Dolphin — all manage tools in one window

Automation of advertising campaign creation

Dolphin — provides a facility to create dozens of campaigns in different ad accounts. See how it works

Integration with Dolphin{anty}

Integration between Dolphin and Dolphin browser, an antidetect browser for affiliate marketing purpose on Facebook

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Manage ads

  • Launch and stop campaigns, adsets and ads from diffirent ad accounts in one tab
  • Duplication and deleting
  • Change budget and bid cap
  • Get notified in Telegram about important events and changes in your ad acounts and campaigns


  • 4 available positions: Admin, Team Lead, Buyer, Farmer
  • Statistics on the expense, income and profit of each team member
  • Transferring accounts between team members
  • Isolated workspaces for Buyer and Farmer

Bulk actions on accounts

  • Create pixel
  • Create Fan page
  • Attach a bank card
  • Apply saved automated rules for ad accounts
  • Turn off notifications on Fan page and ad accounts
  • Change the billing info of ad accounts


  • Statistics for all accounts and team members in one tab
  • Flexible filtration system
  • Information about the next billing on ad account

Mass launch of ad campaigns

  • Create a saved bundle on server
  • Launch bundles in few clicks on dozens of accounts
  • Auto-uniqueization of creatives
  • Launch of ad campaigns of apps with naming


  • Encryption of all tokens and cookies
  • Bundles encryption


  • Automated moderation of comments on all ads
  • Manual comment moderation
  • Moderation by stop-words


  • Integration with Keitaro tracker
  • Integration with Binom tracker

Affiliate program

  • 15% referral reward from all users lifetime payments. Perfect opportunity offer for those who make money on referral links
  • Openness to cooperation and collaboration

Users feedback


Bogdan Novatorski

I work with Dolphin here's my little review: From the public Ads creation automatisation tools, dolphin now is the best. It's all done very conveniently and easily. The ability to set the campaigns settings in product, and then create any one in FB at the push of a button - very much speeds up the work. Convenient statistics allows you to work simultaneously with a large number of ad accounts, and do not get confused in them. It seems to me that soon you won't need to visit Facebook at all))). I suggest you all work with Dolphin, make your work very easy ������



As a Teamlead, it is very important for me to quickly track statistics on several hundred ad accounts per day, both in terms of Offer and Geo. And in general, what can your imagination come up with? Dolphin is very easy to understand and set up product! It is flexible and gives full analytics of both traffic and profit. I want to say that you can see not only the cost per lead, but also immediately profit and our favorite ROI in the section of anything according to the setting and the filter! And all this in AUTOMATIC and without song and dance. Dolphin allows you to do it in a couple of clicks and all on the same screen. In the end we get the best result from our traffic! You don't need any trackers with their complex and long settings. Put the access token on and it is done ������. I can't note that for quite a short period of time in Dolphin appeared the function a mass ad creation. I also like the fact that the product team always in contact almost at any time of day. And not only listen to the proposal to add functionality, but also quickly enough to roll them out, from this it becomes even more pleasant to use the Dolphin! It turns out that we do it together! Have a nice development, guys, we are growing up with you ✊������.


Bearded Affiliate

I have tested all available ads creation automatisation services on the market and the Dolphin the most flexible in the settings of ad targeting and usability now.

GipsyLand | Media Buying Agency

Our main vertical is nutra/adult COD and we work with a large number of accounts. Thanks to Dolphin functionality we have increased efficiency for our team. Also, the additional wishes of the guys from Dolphin are gradually implemented, relying on feedback users. You should try Dolphin at least because it has more functionality than other affiliate automation services. Respect for the created product!




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3 users

Basic functional

No limits for add accounts, comment moderation and more

+ Automatic bulk launch of advertising campaigns (30 jobs)

+ Auto-uniqueization of creatives

No credit card required
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per month

1 user

Basic functional

No limits for add accounts, comment moderation and more

+ $14
per month for each team member
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1 user

Basic functional

No limits for add accounts, comment moderation and more

+ Automatic bulk launch of advertising campaigns

+ Auto-uniqueization of creatives

+ $30
per month for each team member
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